People may think of travel nurses as being single.  It makes sense to associate a job that involves moving around a lot with people who aren’t tied down to a specific place.  However, there are travel nurses who are married and even parents. Motherhood and travel nursing may not seem like a natural link, but there are working moms out there who pull it off.  Here are some tips if you are thinking of travel nursing while also caring for your children.

Use time between placements to your advantage

One reason travel nursing jobs go well with parenting is because of the ability to set your own schedule.  Travel nurses usually know how long an assignment will last from the start. Many agencies let you choose your hours in a placement as well.  Planning ahead like this is key for working moms. 

If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, you can plan your travel nursing jobs out in such a way that you get to decide how much maternity leave you to receive.  Have your last assignment end at least a few weeks before your due date. You can plan a day to return to work by committing to a placement a few months in advance, or you can play it by ear.  The beauty of being a travel nurse is that you go where the demand is, so you will still have a job even after taking extended time off.

Get advice from experts

Motherhood and travel nursing are two things that shouldn’t be done alone.  Reach out to your recruiter at your travel nursing agency or even other travel nursing moms for tips and tricks.  They are sure to have lots of helpful information for you, from housing to schooling to childcare.

Think about school early

Speaking of school, you will need to consider your children’s education in your travel nursing plan.  If your kids are too young for school right now, will you stop traveling when they reach school age? Consider looking for a long-term placement once your oldest child reaches age 5 or 6.  Travel nursing jobs are a great way to figure out where you would like to live and where you definitely don’t want to live!

If your children are already over that age, will they cyber school?  There are many different online schools that are free and run by the public education system.  Research these to figure out which would be best for your children. Some cyber schools are completely independent, while others need to be run by an adult in the home.  Make a plan for how this will play out in your family.

Prepare for a little more work finding housing

Most travel nursing agencies will find housing for you.  However, these are often studio or one-bedroom apartments.  Depending on the size of your family, this may not work out.  Talk to your job agency to find out what types of housing they offer.  You will most likely have to take a stipend and find your own housing within that budget.  Moving a lot with kids can also be a hassle. Plan ahead by investing in multipurpose, easy to transport items, like fold up cribs and even air mattresses.

Looking for a travel nursing job?

Whether you’re balancing motherhood and travel nursing or not, New Directions Staffing can help you find the perfect travel nursing placements.  Contact them today by calling (888) 654-1110 or visiting their website to connect with a recruiter and start your travel nursing journey.