Travel nursing can be a lucrative and rewarding career path.  You get to work with top professionals in the healthcare field, advance your career, and travel the country (or even the world) while doing it.  While travel nurses can work in a large variety of different locations, there are somewhere the demand and payoff is especially high. Here are the top five best cities for travel nursing.

New York City

There’s nowhere quite like the Big Apple.  Travel nursing can be the perfect way to spend some time in the city without committing to living there.  See the traditional sites like Time’s Square and the Empire State Building, go to a Broadway show, and make sure to eat lots of New York pizza and bagels while on your assignment.  The cost of living in NYC is high, but so is the salary: almost 49 dollars per hour. There is also generally a high demand for travel nurses just due to the sheer number of people living and working in the city.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has a lot of things going for it without even considering your nursing career path.  Autumns in the city are beautiful, and its rich history lends itself to many museums, statues, and other places to explore.  Like New York City, the cost of living in Boston is high, and so is the average salary for travel nursing: around 48 dollars an hour.  That’s almost $100,500 per year if you get a long term placement. There are many high tier medical facilities in Boston. A travel nursing position here would most likely mean working alongside some of the country’s best doctors and surgeons.

Stanford, California

You may never have heard of Stanford, but this next fact is sure to grab your attention.  This California city boasts the highest travel nursing salaries of 2019: $53.24 per hour.  This is where Stanford University is.  It’s the perfect place for your next assignment if you want to get a dose of California weather; the temperature is moderate all year round.  San Francisco is about an hour’s drive to the north, making it a great place to explore on your days off.

Durham, North Carolina

This is another city that’s less recognizable but has a lot of potential when it comes to travel nursing.  North Carolina is one of the top states for nursing when it comes to demand. While the salary won’t be as high as it would be in a major city like New York or Boston, the cost of living is much lower.  In fact, a one-bedroom apartment in this state is about 18 percent cheaper than the national average. If you don’t like the cold, moving to a southern state like North Carolina for a while is perfect for you.  Top-ranked healthcare facilities like Duke University Hospital are also in the Durham area.

Anchorage, Alaska

There’s no place in the United States quite like Alaska.  The beautiful state is made for adventure with its huge mountains and separation from the rest of the country.  Because Alaska is fairly isolated, the demand for nurses is high, especially during the winter months. Taking a travel nursing position here is a great way to build your nursing career path while also having bucket list-level experiences.

Need help finding a travel nursing job?

No matter where you want to go, New Directions Staffing can help you find a travel nursing position that fits your specific needs.  They are committed to making long term connections with their clients, so you’ll be supported in every step of your travel nursing journey.