travel nurse reviewing contract cancelation
Travel nursing jobs have been multiplying rapidly in the United States. This rising in popularity is because travel nursing allows nurses to work all over the country while receiving compensation to do so. Travel nurses continue to be heavily sought after during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in this unprecedented time, canceling contracts may catch a travel nurse off guard. There are even circumstances that can cause the annulation of a traveling nurse’s contract.

Becoming a travel nurse is rewarding in many ways, but it is an unpredictable job. It’s important to understand the risks surrounding travel nursing jobs and contract cancellation before beginning. Here is everything you need to know about canceling contracts for a travel nurse. 

The cancelation of your travel nurse contract may happen before you even start

Many hospitals around the country are developing electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Travel nurses may be necessary while stationary employees learn the new EMR system. This may cause the hospital to overhire. Once the system is learned in totality, the travel nurses are no longer needed. Because of situations this, a hospital may cancel a contract as soon as one week before you are about to begin nursing in a new spot. 

Location matters

The part of the country where a travel nurse resides can determine how secure their contract is. Popular vacation states like Florida and California may have seasons with a high influx of patients. Other times of year may be slower for the state hospitals. A hospital may cancel the contract of a traveling nurse during these slower seasons of the year. This is obviously out of control of the travel nurse, but it is important to recognize the seasonal patterns of the state you are in.

Travel nurses can cancel their own contracts

Canceling contracts on your own is not usually preferred but is a possibility. There are a variety of reasons why a travel nurse may cancel their contracts, ranging from a badly managed hospital to urgent personal matters at home. A traveling nurse that cancels their contract because of lack of fit at a hospital can be fined in some circumstances. However, hospitals usually allow a contract cancelation due to an emergency without financial punishment. 

There are consequences for canceling contracts

As mentioned, a nurse that cancels their contract prematurely without emergency notice may be fined. The hospitals calculate how much revenue will be lost by the contract forfeiture and will charge the travel nurse that amount. If the hospital has a housing deal in the contract, the travel nurse may be responsible for paying that in full. Traveling nurse contracts are not simple to draw up, so travel nurses should do their best to avoid contract cancellation. 

Stay flexible if a contract gets canceled

A cancelation for a traveling nurse’s contract can happen at any time. This may seem unfair, but it is unavoidable because of the nature of temporary jobs. Thankfully, hospitals are hiring travelling nurses now more than ever. It is possible to land another contract in a different part of the country shortly after your original contract was dissolved. The life of a travel nurse is unpredictable, so it is essential to not get too low because of a canceled contract and begin looking for the next. Being flexible is an important skill for a traveling nurse.

Travel nursing is an awesome job that involves seeing new parts of the country and assisting patients in need. Thinking of trying travel nursing? Find more information regarding travel nursing jobs on the New Directions Staffing website.