Becoming an acute dialysis nurse is a rewarding job that requires many different skills. To work in acute dialysis nursing, nurses must be in tune with their patients. You may see the same patients a few times a week, depending on their treatment schedule. 

What Makes a Great Acute Dialysis Nurse

Acute dialysis nurses provide care to dialysis patients who visit the hospital several times a week. As a result, these patients see the same nurses every visit. Acute dialysis nurses need excellent listening skills, as they are often the liaison between patients and doctors during dialysis treatment. Dialysis is draining to a patient, so nurses must show great patience and bedside manner. They should be great listeners and stay organized. Acute dialysis nurses use listening skills as one of their most valuable skills to answer questions and make informed decisions.

How to Thrive as an Acute Dialysis Nurse

Ask Questions

Ask your patients how they are feeling, check in on them often, and question any abnormalities. Asking more questions will strengthen the bond you have with the patient. You will also become more knowledgeable when relaying things to the doctor.

Get to Know the Staff

Your coworkers are a great resource. You can bounce ideas off them, get help with any abnormalities from your coworkers. And most importantly, your co-workers can help alleviate the stress of being an acute dialysis nurse.

Take Time Off

Taking time off may sound like the reverse of getting ahead, but relaxation is vital to keeping your skills sharp and preventing burnout. During your time off, indulge in your hobbies and make sure the activities are not work-related. Taking time off also gives you a fresh perspective on your job when you return.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritizing your tasks reduces stress. One tip is to manage your day by the hour so you can keep up if anything unexpected occurs during your shift. 

Set Goals

As in any career, setting goals is an excellent way to thrive as an acute dialysis nurse. Set specific and attainable goals. As you complete them, select new ones. Setting goals will keep the job fresh. You may be able to achieve some goals quickly, while others may take years to accomplish.

Be Positive

Being positive may be challenging when you are surrounded by many stressed patients; however, being positive will help you obtain your goals and stay on task. A positive attitude can also help if you are asked to try new jobs or take on something different.

Embrace Technology

With medical technology making quick advancements, it is essential to stay current and embrace any technology that may impact your division. Trial services and new technology could benefit you and your patients as excellent treatment.

Be Prepared

It is essential as an acute dialysis nurse to be prepared for the unexpected. Being prepared shows the ability to be flexible, think on your feet, and make informed decisions quickly.

Bedside Manner

A good bedside manner is essential as an acute dialysis nurse because you see the same patients a few times a week. The patients may be stressed over treatment, and they rely on the nurses to be active listeners for their medicines. 

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Being an acute dialysis nurse is rewarding. Acute dialysis nursing provides many opportunities for advancement. For more information on becoming a hemodialysis nurse or to apply for nursing opportunities, reach out to New Directions Staffing