What Are Travel Nurses

During certain seasons or circumstances, a hospital may not have enough registered nurses or specialty nurses. In these situations, hospitals rely on staffing agencies to fill the need with traveling nurses. If you are a nurse who has completed your schooling and has at least one year of on-site work, travel nursing may be an option for you. Hospitals may need additional nurses because of staffing changes, an increase in the patient population, or other circumstances like a technology change or flu season. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a travel nurse is working in multiple states and with new teams. Being a flexible travel nurse allows you to learn and teach in a new environment. Being a travel nurse also comes with freedoms like picking where to work, when to work, and choosing concentrated fields if you have the training. Travel nurses have the ability to renew their stay with a spot if available. Travel nursing also is a resume booster and can help you develop new skills. 

How to Succeed as an Introvert Travel Nurse

If you are an introvert, becoming a traveling nurse may seem like a less than ideal situation. The idea of meeting new people and teams may cause you some anxiety. However, there are some steps you can try to alleviate any nervousness about being a travel nurse.

  1. Carve out alone time: Alone time may look like reading a book, taking a walk, or seeing a movie. Time alone will help you be in your comfort zone, giving you the capacity to push yourself at work.
  2. Prepare to speak: Rehearsing dialogue in your head or out loud may help you answer when called on or put yourself out there to be successful. If you need to give speeches or talk in front of a crowd, rehearsing can give you confidence in what you say.
  3. Use Your Listening Skills: If you are not an active talker, use your listening skills to ask thoughtful questions or provide solutions.
  4. Think Before You Act: Introverts tend to think instead of acting and reacting. As a thinker, you can plan a decision. Thinking first will allow you to see both sides of the decision and make more informed choices.
  5. Use your writing: If you prefer not to speak as an introvert, use writing as your healthy way of communication. Combined with listening and planning skills, writing will not only be insightful but also relatable.
  6. Avoid Working the Room: As an introvert, attending events with lots of people can be anxiety-inducing. Instead of skipping them altogether or getting frantic, focus on speaking with one or two people. 
  7. Talk Up Your Knowledge: Many introverts do not enjoy talking about themselves, while many extroverts often share their accomplishments. Do not discount your achievements, but be insightful when speaking and share your actions.

Many of these techniques can increase your success as an introvert in a travel nurse career. Check out the ideas above and test each one to see which fits your career path.

Getting Started in Travel Nursing

If you are a registered nurse or specialist nurse who has completed your schooling and has one year of experience in a hospital, reach out to our agency for more information or to apply. Reach out to New Directions Staffing Services to discuss your future as a traveling nurse.