If you are looking to land a job as a travel nurse, you will soon have to negotiate a contract for your new job. Each contract is different and each person is different. The items on the list are things to be considered when you are negotiating a contract. They are not necessarily items that should make or break your decision. Keep reading for a list of things to look out for when you are talking over the terms of your travel nursing contract.

Evaluate Your Pay Package

When looking to start your new job, you should know how to evaluate your pay package. This way you can make a decision and maybe even compare opportunities. At first glance, it can be difficult. There are so many different factors involved in the pay of a travel nurse. The easiest way to evaluate and compare pay packages is to list and tally all of the compensations provided. You should also subtract expenses that are not compensated. This way you have a total number and can get a clear idea of how much money you will actually be making. 

Relation of the Confirmation to the Travel Nursing Contract

You should also keep in mind that the hospital and the agency that hires you to have a contract between the two of them. If you agree to a schedule and other factors through the agency, the hospital is only required to adhere to the contract between themselves and the agency. This is where confirmation comes in. Your confirmation paperwork is basically an addendum to the contract between the hospital and the agency that should be passed along. It will include things such as your schedule. It is extremely important that you see to it that all additional and necessary details are added to the confirmation paperwork. And that it is processed through the correct channels.

Employee Handbooks

Make sure that you are aware of and read through an employee handbook if one is used. A lot of times, employee handbooks cover a lot of things that you might expect to find in your confirmation paperwork. If this is the case, the handbook is likely to act as a contract. When you sign a handbook, be sure to confirm that it is legally binding. If it is not, then you should press for a contract so that there are no loose ends upon your hiring.


If you think that you might take company-provided housing, be sure that it is also detailed in the contract. Some information might not be found in the contract. But these are the details which you will definitely need to understand upon your hiring. If you are unsure about anything, be sure to ask and get a clear picture. Asking for clarification is never a bad idea.

Go Ahead and Ask

It is easy to get excited and forego asking important questions. If there are things that you are uncertain about in your travel nurse contract, go ahead and ask. It is much better to have your ducks in a row before taking a job that can have a lot of variables like travel nursing jobs do. You should also never be nervous or afraid to ask questions. Confidence is key.

Where to Look

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