Now that you have graduated with your RN degree with an emphasis on nephrology and dialysis nursing, it’s time to get a job. You likely have more experience than you realize. Perhaps you did some intern work in several offices in your years of college. Hopefully one of those was a dialysis lab or a dialysis center in a physician’s office. These may not count as experience on your resume, but they do give you the experience to discuss at your interview. So let’s take a look at the process of getting a dialysis nurse job.

Develop your resume

Some people wait until they have an interview before they prepare their resumes. Be proactive and get it ready early. Let your references know that an employer may call them, and make sure they will give you a good reference. Use people who know your work abilities. If you don’t know how to prepare a resume, ask your college counselor or look online. There are numerous options there. When applying to a hospital, be sure to specify your desire to work in the dialysis nurses’ department.

Look for opportunities

Watch the newspapers, look online, and check with the local hospital, local urology clinic, and any other offices that could benefit from your dialysis nursing services. If you are forward enough, take resumes to those offices and drop them off. Maybe they will have an opening come up and remember your visit. Just be respectful of their time and do not ask for a doctor or the HR director unless the person at the desk refers you to someone specific. Be sure you are smiling and say “Thank you” to each and everyone who helps you.

Widen your search

If you are unable to find an opening for a dialysis nurse nearby,  you may need to widen your search. Consider driving further from your home if that will help you find a job. Commuting further may be a good answer to your search, especially if the employer is going to pay you enough to cover that mileage. Broadening your search may even mean relocating, so consider if that is an option. There may be a wonderful, high paying dialysis nursing job at a hospital three states away, but can you take that position? Don’t consider it if you know that it will make you miserable, because no amount of pay is worth that. 

Consider an RN position

If you cannot currently find a dialysis nursing position, consider taking an RN position. There is a shortage of nurses in almost every hospital system. If possible, get an RN position in the hospital where you would like to be a dialysis nurse. If you do a great job and the supervisors notice and you may be able to work your way into that department. Even if you cannot find a position at the hospital you want, working at another facility will give you experience in nursing.

Be Patient

If you are unable to find a position even with the above suggestions, be patient. Continue to watch for opportunities. There is a shortage of nurses nationwide, especially during the pandemic, and many hospitals and doctor’s offices are looking for nurses. Start at the best opportunity you have. You do not have to stay in that job forever, but you do need experience. 

If you could use a service to help you locate a position or you need help freelancing as a dialysis nurse, contact us at New Directions Staffing. We can help you get on your way.