Working as a dialysis nurse can be demanding and time-consuming. You may work long hours with little sleep while tending to patients with high emotions and critical needs. This can be stressful. In striving to find a balance between your several patients, their families, your medical team, and more, you may neglect yourself. 

Because dialysis nurse jobs are demanding, dialysis nurses may find it hard to manage their time, leading to stress as well as mental and physical fatigue. Here are five time management tips to help dialysis nurses thrive:

  • Punctuality: There is nothing wrong with arriving early but there is everything wrong with arriving late. As a dialysis nurse, you work a shift. Try to arrive at the hospital at least 30 minutes before your shift begins. This will give you some time to assess the situation and prepare for what is at hand. You don’t want to be caught unaware or rushed into action.
  • Create a schedule or list: With so many patients and responsibilities, it is impossible to keep track of everything in your head. Make a list of tasks and your schedule so you know what needs to be done and when. You can add your patients’ names at the side of each activity or add their dietary plans, special needs, or other requests.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected: Regardless of the plan you make, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. As a dialysis nurse, you can expect that unplanned events will occur, taking so much of your time that it affects another activity. A dialysis patient might need extra attention, a fellow staff member may be ill, or a doctor might come through for his rounds. Being flexible also helps with time management.
  • Just say ‘NO’: Sometimes you need to learn how to say no, even to your colleagues. A dialysis patient might need care or moving for a procedure when a colleague pops in needing help with something else. If your colleague’s need isn’t urgent, a “no” won’t hurt. Try to avoid tasks that are not on your to-do list unless they are a patient’s special needs or something that requires immediate attention. Learn to say no without feeling bad about your answer.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself: The work never ends and the stress continues. Remember that you need some time for yourself to keep working so hard. Take breaks, have a snack, and get some rest, no matter how small. Even if you are busy, try creating time for yourself so you don’t break down in the process. Dialysis nurse jobs can be overwhelming and emotional sometimes. Take a while to ease your mind and restore your energy.

Being a dialysis nurse can be demanding and time-consuming but also rewarding. Learning how to manage your time takes a lot of practice but before long, you will be great at it. At the end of a shift, look back to see what worked and what didn’t. Some things are beyond your control, but take charge when you can and be flexible when you cannot.

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