When you get your morning coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you may also pick up a croissant. When you go out to dinner with your friends, you might get two appetizers because you feel like it. No one is there to stop your decisions. It seems you can have your way with almost anything in life, so why would you not be able to choose your job?


If you have two career passions, people may continuously tell you to pick one over the other. You may have an intense desire for traveling, and you like to explore the world, see new cultures, and take Instagram pictures. At the same time, you also love being a nurse. Helping patients and putting your skills to work is why you get up in the morning. Whether it’s a school counselor, friend, or your relationship partner telling you to pick one job over the other, you must know that you don’t have to choose between your two passions. Don’t settle with something that gives you one thing, but not the other. You can still see the world and be a nurse. There are various traveling nurse jobs that you may qualify for. This article will explore five dialysis travel nurse jobs that may be perfect for you!


  1. Work for an International Healthcare Company


An article from John Hopkins Magazine claims that the nurses of today can use their skills in any country. The report claims that “Today’s nurse—whether in Baltimore, Beirut or Bangkok—is a global nurse.” The issues that you learned how to treat in school that made you an expert in being a dialysis nurse are needed all over the world. There are many health care providers that do great work in countries all around the world. This would be a great career path for the dialysis nurse with a passion for traveling.


  1. Let your Employer know you are Open to Travel

Whether you work for a small clinic or a large hospital, talking with your manager or other HR professionals about your traveling opportunities could open some doors. You may continue to still work for the same company in another country or use connections that other doctors and nurses have to land a job in another country.


  1. Have the Flexibility to Pick up and Move 


As a nurse, your skills are in demand everywhere. This makes moving easier than others in different professions. Make a plan to move, start applying to other hospitals, look for apartments, and see if you have any friends in the area.


  1. Volunteer


Some hospitals require you to volunteer a certain amount of time to underserved communities. You can ask if there are any volunteer opportunities in other countries that are available. Maybe your hospital or clinic never thought to provide these opportunities in the past because they felt that most nurses would be unwilling to travel. By communicating your desire to travel, you could end up volunteering in a country you’ve never been before, helping out people who need a dialysis nurse.


  1. Work for an Individual Patient


Some wealthier clients who travel may need a full-time nurse to follow them around from country to country. Whether your patient is in Spain one week and Switzerland the next, the care from a dialysis nurse may be crucial to their ability to travel. You can spend your nights caring for your patient and your day roaming the cobblestone streets in Paris.  You could be the person that they have been looking for all along. To endeavor this type of travel nurse would be a true experience.