It’s inherent in our basic nature to want to be the best version of who and what we are striving to be. For those of you with the basic training as a certified dialysis nurse already under your belt, congratulations! You’re on the path to succeeding in this. For those that are just starting on your journey, there is much still in store for you. 

Regardless of where you stand thus far, there are a number of dos and don’ts you can follow to stay one step ahead of the curve. First and foremost is, of course, your training as a dialysis nurse. This is typically the first qualification you will be judged on, as your ability to perform all duties is most vital. 

However, there are a number of further actions that one should bear in mind if they want to be the best, and open the door to the top dialysis nurse jobs. Most of these may be part of your inherent nature, and if not, they are usually absorbed and applied over years, or months, of experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start now in applying them to your budding career. 

So, what are the characteristics of a good dialysis nurse?

Dialysis Nurse Characteristics – Are You a Good Fit? 

  1. Empathy and compassion.

Patients undergoing dialysis treatments are in a difficult place physically, and this often goes hand-in-hand with a share of mental and emotional trauma as well. A nurse who can provide that extra factor of care and will listen to a patient’s troubles and provide succor stands far above those who would robotically carry out the treatments without concern for the patient’s well-being. Any patient will most definitely take note of and appreciate the extra care.

  1. Emotional strength and stability. 

The job of a nurse can be extremely stressful. You are likely to encounter new challenges and difficult situations on a daily basis. Your emotions will reflect onto your patients, and it is therefore of utmost importance that a nurse can maintain their composure and do what needs to be done in the face of a difficult situation. 

  1. Communication skills.

In order to work well with doctors and other nurses, it is key to have exceptional communication skills. You must be able to relay important information to other medical staff and give directions if necessary. It is equally important to be able to receive and duplicate information and directions from your fellow professionals.

Another aspect of this is your communication with your patients. You will have to relay information to each patient and their family in a way that is appropriate and easy to understand. You are likely to experience negative emotions and you must be able to handle this appropriately as well. 

  1. Respect. 

A good nurse will be respectful towards fellow staff and their patients. 

Your patients will find themselves in potentially undignified scenarios while receiving treatment. A good dialysis nurse must be respectful regardless of the situation and do their best to listen to their patient and understand whatever they are going through without judgment.

  1. Attention to detail.

Dialysis nurses are heavily relied on by doctors and patients alike. Their attention to detail could make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful treatment. They should observe their patient and the progression of the treatment. They should ask questions about the patient’s symptoms and any improvement or deterioration. A good nurse should be the first to find out about any changes and should be a reliable informant for the assigned doctor. 

All of the characteristics above, when applied by you as a certified dialysis nurse, will elevate you from cadet to general in your medical career. Apply your training to the tee. Practice these characteristics on a daily basis to become the absolute best you can be as a certified dialysis nurse.