When it comes to acing a job interview, it’s important to anticipate what kind of questions will show up in the interview. Employers and hiring managers want the best of the best at their company, and you know that you’ve got it. But sometimes they might hit you with some nursing questions that will throw you off. The more you prepare, the better your chances of outshining other travel nurse candidates and getting the job. Here are a few questions you should expect on your next interview. 

How would you handle a difficult patient?

Sometimes patients can be a handful, but it’s important to watch how you handle them in such dire situations. Employers will be looking for candidates who have experience in these situations. A good way to get around this question is to recall a situation where you got through the pressure and helped a patient through a procedure successfully. The more confidently that you present yourself, the more interested the hiring manager will become.

How do you handle the stress of the job?

Working in healthcare can be strenuous and taxing on your mental health. It’s important that employers know that you are taking care of yourself, so this question might pop up in some interviews. Talk about how you’ve handled stress in the past, especially during the most difficult times where there were many things to do. Try talking about little things that you do to ease your stress, especially when you’re at work. Getting through this question will set you apart from others. 

Are you comfortable with working with other nurses and doctors?

It’s important to be flexible with other people with whom you work, especially if you are a travel nurse. Being able to work with other doctors and nurses shows that you are a team player and that you are willing to be flexible when it comes to your job. The easier you are to work with, the more opportunities that you will get. It also shows that you have collaborative skills and that when it comes down to it, you are willing to put aside any issues to make the care of your patient the top priority. 

What do you find rewarding about this job?

This question is important because it’s one of the easiest nursing interview questions to overlook. Helping people is a noble feat, but your employer might want you to dig a little deeper. They want to know why this is your passion and what it means to you as a person. While it’s somewhat of an easy question, it can easily get missed if you’re ready to talk about your passion for the job you are going for. 

What are your career goals and greatest accomplishments?

This is another question that might seem easy to answer at first but can be very difficult if you aren’t ready. Hiring managers want to see if you are the type of person who sets goals for themselves for the future. They want to see the greatest moment of your career and where it will take you in the future. If you aren’t ready, it can come off as you being in it only for the money and not for the experience. 

New Directions Staffing is committed to making sure that you are prepared for your interview and that you don’t fall behind other travel nursing candidates. With thousands of job opportunities, you can find your next interview by clicking here and finding your dream travel nurse job within minutes.