Optimizing LinkedIn Profile

With so many professionals now on LinkedIn, it has become imperative to make your profile stand out. Employers now turn to LinkedIn to find top candidates for their positions. These days they even suggest adding your profile link to your resume. So, how does one optimize their profile so that it catches an employer’s attention? Here are a few ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from others:

First things first, make sure your profile is up to date. All your job positions should be current because you do not want employers to think you are still working at the job you left a couple of years ago. It is also crucial to fill in all the different sections on your profile. Having your profile up to date will make you seem more active on the account and give anyone who views your account the correct information.

Whether it is sharing an article or writing a statement about something, putting out content on your profile will not only give you expanded exposure, but it will also display your interests.

Tip: Write your own article or blog about a certain topic, then share it on your account.

Do you have any unique skills or talents? Show them off! By doing this, you differentiate yourself from the other candidates. The last thing you want is your profile to blend in with the competition. Showcasing unique skills, talents, or accomplishments, whether big or small, can be what sets you apart from others. 

Growing your connections on LinkedIn comes with multiple benefits. It can be an excellent way to network and get yourself out there. Also, having a higher number of connections will make you extra valuable to companies. Employers in many industries want candidates that have a broad network, because hiring you will grow their network as well.

If you have the time to take a LinkedIn Learning course, I highly recommend doing so. Once you complete a course, an achievement will then show up on your profile. This is another way to make you stand out from other candidates. You also get to learn some cool new things while you are at it!

Tip: Are you interested in a particular job? Do some research on skills that are important for that role, and complete courses on those specific skills.


Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to show yourself off. Using the “Featured” option on your profile, you can upload links or media of the work you have done. This is your spot to showcase work you are proud of and use it to your advantage. An employer will appreciate that you showcased your work, and it is another way for you to stick out from the rest.


LinkedIn is not like all your other social media platforms; it is a site of professionalism. If you want employers to take your profile seriously, you need to set it up in a professional manner. The profile and cover photo are one of the first impressions on your profile, so don’t make your photos you at a bar with some friends or a random selfie.

Consider getting professional headshots, or even use your phone and find some good lighting. If you take your profile more seriously, then employers will do the same. Also, always remember to go over your profile multiple times to make sure there are no errors in your writing.


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