Choosing a Staffing Firm to work with shouldn’t be a daunting task but …. one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

New Directions is an IT & Digital Talent Solutions Firm that provides Contingent (temporary) and Select Traditional Hire Services to our clients throughout the U.S.

Our Talent Solutions recruiting and staffing service delivery spans a broad range of Information Technology, Digital and Learning Technology environments that encompass Executive and Senior Management, Architecture, Project Management and Design and Development to Systems and Applications Administration and Support.  Our defined Practice Areas include the following

Information Technology

  • Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Warehousing & Database Management;
  • Enterprise Software – SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, JDE ;
  • Web & Applications Development – All Languages, Platforms & Environments;
  • Networking & Infrastructure – All Operating Systems, Platforms & Environments;

Digital Technology

  • User Experience, User Interface, Visual Design;
  • UX & UI Product Research
  • Digital & Marketing Technology Innovation
  • Digital Project Management
  • Digital Insights Development and Management

Learning Management

  • eLearning & Courseware Development
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Development, Training, and Administration
  • Instructional Design
  • Training

We are definitely not a One Size Fits All

We understand that the best relationships are developed through mutual understanding, expectations, and respect.

More so, we believe that each relationship is unique and is based on an understanding of your company, your technology platforms, and your culture as well as you understanding ours.

Over the years we have found that our best relationships have been fostered through a ten-minute phone conversation or coffee meeting and yes………. we are as particular as you are.  Sometimes it fits and sometimes well…. not so much.

If you’re interested in seeing if we fit you and your company, contact our Talent Solutions Teams in Boston, MA (866) 999 – 8600 or Charleston, SC (888) 654-1110.