As rewarding as it can be, being a dialysis nurse has its hardships. Here, we will be looking at some of the negative aspects of the job that you will have to learn to deal with if you are serious about dialysis nursing. If you are passionate and can see a great deal of purpose in the job, it is likely a good fit. Keep reading for a look at some of the aspects of the job that make it difficult.


Although traveling for your job can be exciting and provide a breath of fresh air, it can also be tiring. Some people place great importance on routine and a solid home base. These things are not guaranteed as a dialysis nurse. You will have to go to various locations to care for your patients. And your routine will get shaken up often. If you are the type of person who absolutely requires a steady work environment, dialysis nursing might not be the job for you.

Inconsistent  Dialysis Nurse Scheduling with Long Hours

Not only will you be required to work in many changing environments, but you will also work long hours and your schedule will change often. A lot of people go into the medical field expecting a consistent schedule and ample downtime. This is often not the case, especially as a dialysis nurse. The pay is consistent, as is the reliability (you will never be in need of hours), but the schedule can be grueling. Be sure that you are ready to take on a lot of long days and an ever-changing schedule if you are thinking about becoming a dialysis nurse.

End Care

You will get to meet a lot of people and care for a lot of patients as a dialysis nurse. The downside is you will encounter a lot of patients who do not have a long time to live. It is a blessing to get to know your patients and treat them regularly, but heartbreak is inevitable. If you are uncomfortable or easily disheartened by sickness and death, the life of a dialysis nurse might not be the life for you. With the heartache, however, comes a great sense of purpose. This kind of care can be sad, but it is also extremely fulfilling.


With all of these things considered, a lot of people hit the point of burnout quickly. For this reason, the position often has a high turnover rate. It is common to go into dialysis nursing with confidence and a sense of purpose, but the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion tend to wear on people faster and more aggressively than they had first thought that it would. It takes a specific kind of perseverance to take the hardships in stride. This, however, does not mean that you will not love your job. It just means that you should mentally prepare yourself for all that it entails. The hardships involved are also the aspects that make the job so rewarding at the end of each and every workday. 

Getting Into Dialysis Nursing

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